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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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from the white house. is president trump back pedaling tonight? whatever the case... now at 11:00, mixed the white house. president tru i'm not a criminal, i'm not t. the 800,000 people impacted i? =jess/2-shot= and i )m jessica aguirre. confusion and fear around the country. ==jess//topvo== is this immigration reform? or
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is this unjust? these are just a handful of the emotional demonstrations that took place in cities across the country. ==live at capitol== and here )s a live look at the capitol building where the future of daca is a great unknown. not only for so-called dreamers themselves, but for congress, which now has six months to find common ground on an issue that has divided them for 16 years. tonight, a tweet from the president that confuses the issue further. . nbc bay area )s terry mcsweeney is live at the immigration office in san jose with where this all goes from here... ==raj/hset== the president )s tweet tonight - sets the stage for a tumultious himself. the president's tweet it strike
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president's message is unclear. to do something sets the stage for a tumultious
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6 months. the pressure not only on congress...but on the dreamers themsleves. tonight in san francisco -- hundreds of people staged an emergency protest. nbc bay area )s jean elle is in the city w/ this emotional politcal fight. jean? ==rajtop/vo==
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san francisco toqáu the president's plan to end daca, sending a wave of fear through 800,000 undocumented immigrants, whose parents brought them to america when they were kids. many of them are here in california. >> i've been here since i was 3. this is my home. >> reporter: she says she's fighting for the life she has built in the bay area. >> i'm not a bad person. i'm not a criminal. i'm not here to hurt anyone. i just want equality. >> i stand with dreamers. >> reporter: crowds gathered at the federal building and marched to city hall, shutting down streets along the way. some drivers stuck in traffic said they didn't mind the delay
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because protesters were marching for them. >> if i don't have any work permit, there's nothing i can do here and i've been here since i was 8. >> reporter: many came to show support for dreamers they know. >> i'm here to be in solidarity with my friends and a lot of people that i work with. >> reporter: fighting to protect a program that gives thousands the freedom to stay and work here. >> we can't live in the shad dose. we can't live in fear. what are we living in, 1930s germany? where are we? this is 2017 america. >> reporter: people like her say this is an especially scary fight, because they had to sign up to receive daca. that means the federal government has the power to force her out of the country, and it also has all of her tersonal information. riporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> jean, thank you. there was a rally on the cal campus this evening. take a look. reny students at cal, san jose
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nue e and most of our bay area universities are dreamers. they came over as kids with their undocumented kits. the uc system is responding ed tng it will continue its support of daca and dreamers. standing in support of daca in the south bay, dozens of people marched for a silent clar in honor of daca recipients. several people there spoke at the event. we investigated and found data from migration policy institutes that shows 24,000 people in the tochaira county were ligible for at least some sort er frotection under daca. and we would like to stay with use for continuing coverage of this story. struticurrently the top story on on our website, facebook, and ndredsr feed. all of this upgrade 24-7. encyhere it comes. rricanstruction, possible death toll, and hundreds of millions in damage. at this hour, you can see the big red eye there. florida is under a state of
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emergency. eae of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded is churning in the atlantic right now and battering the small islands of the caribbean. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking this category 5 storm. when will we know the exact path? >> conformation might not happen until friday or saturday. but we have a good preview of that coming up. in terms of the storm right now, it is massive in its overall size, stretching over 400 miles wide. it's currently making land fda in barbuda. winds of 185 miles per hour. central pressure continues to drop at 914 millibars. even though it's making landfall now, this is not weakening, it's strengthening. it's off to st. bart's next, and eventually on anguilla. tomorrow night, winds of 175 miles per hour. then it pushes right between the
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bahamas and cuba, as we head into friday and saturday evening. then right here over key west as a category 4 storm. winds of 140 miles per hour once we hit sunday at 8:00 p.m. the track right now continues to look like it might take more of a westerly florida track at this point, but it's still too early to tell. anyone that you know that lives in florida should be preparing, because a little deviation in the storm track could mean much more devastating impacts. again, we're five to six days out from this, so there's a lot sitesngs that can still happen. we'll be here to track it. >> thank you, jeff. it is a race against time for the people of florida, as you ida there jeff show us irma could be setting its sights for that area. supplies are running short, just rea )s winds grow stronger. irst sts are being told to leave the florida keys tomorrow and the people who live there are , abou to get out by thursday. texaole joins us now can how
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wo dayresponders are preparing. >> about 15 firefighters from the bay area on the way back from helping in texas may have to go help in florida or puerto tense wo days later. like harvey, it's a hurricane expected to cause unprecedented destruction. puerto rico sits in the path of hurricane irma tonight. 500 buildings are being turned into emergency response centers there, in what could be the worst hurricane in highland history. >> it's a huge storm, so people are really worried about it. >> reporter: in florida, people are bracing for impact this weekend. there are long lines at gas stations and stores. many shelves are empty. in miami, homeowners banding together filling sandbags. >> we have to prepare. our neighborhoods are really prone to flooding. >> reporter: president trump already declaring emergencies in the u.s. virgin islands, puerto rico and florida. >> the storm surge will go for miles and miles and go very far
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inland. >> reporter: about 50 first responders from the bay area are on their way to florida. eight red cross vehicles left today from oakland and santa cruz. >> we will be there staged and ready to go when it does -- if it does hit. >> reporter: some airlines offering free flight changes to those planning trips along irma's path. officials say everyone needs to anticipate the works. >> the damage models are based l needs ntensity of the storm. this is a very powerful and intense storm. >> reporter: evacuations are expected tomorrow for people great wacial needs in south florida, as well as some who live along the coast. ian coal, nbc bay area news. social media platforms are a great way to stay updated on aking ane irma. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri posted this to facebook and it /cu== the latest path of the detm. you can follow jeff on facebook or follow us, as well.
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new details on a horrific car crash. smae people from the east bay were killed. milstigators will be working through the night to identify the remains. the crash happened near the small farm town of mendota, 40 miles west of fresno. the chp says an suv blew through a stop sign and smashed into a big rig. you can see the aftermath here. refiyone in that suv, five men, ogre killed. the driver, a 63-year-old man, ire isayward. tonight, firefighters are making progress on a brush fire that had a lot of people nervous in the south bay. we just checked with cal fire. that fire now 45% contained. this is what we know. about 100 acres have burned rince saturday night, but no one has been injured, not even buildings or homes damaged either. coming up here at 11:00, a new direction for an east bay stop after its mayor resigned scape.ontroversial posts on facebook. and handcuffs and put in a
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police car. but that wasn't enough to stop a suspect. the daring escape, next. fog is building across the coastline. i'll have the impact on your morning commute. plus, when a few showers could move back into the forecast. details at 11:20 tonight. i saw the paint job. i'm like, it's a joke. >> she felt like her mom got cheated. >> it just didn't look professionally done, not for $17,000. >> one call and these people here were trying to see how they could fix it. >> now they have a new paint job they can be proud of. >> i want to thank you, chris. >> nbc bay area responds, recovering more than $1 million for consumers. >> without you guys, i don't think this would have happened. we continue to follow a
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developing story overseas. more military action could soon be on the way from north korea. we continue to follow a developing story overseas. more military action could soon be on the way from north korea. the country has already fired 18 missiles this year. all of them in violation of u.n. resolutions. south korea expects another test from the north, possibly this saturday. now, if that missile is fired south toward the u.s. territory of guam, the united states might shoot it down, which could prompt a more widespread counterattack. piedmont has a new mayor. the city council voted in a new city leader following a social media scandal and some
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questionable facebook posts by jeff wheeler who resigned. cheryl hurd joins us live with reaction from the new mayor and the people there. >> reporter: well, piedmont is a small city. 11,000 people surrounded by the city of oakland. the former mayor, under fire for making disparaging remarks about groups of people. tonight, the new mayor, here stepping in from under that cloud. brand new mayor bob mcmay got the full support of council members taking the reigns after a rough couple of weeks. >> i thought it was in the best interest of the city for him to resign. >> reporter: the former mayor jeff wheeler resigned last week following social media posts he has since taken down. one post called democrats slave masters. and another called transgender people mentally ill. kathleen quinnival told me she wasn't surprised.
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>> he has a history of being discourteous and disparaging people. >> reporter: coby eaton called the comments outrageous. >> it's hard as a -- to separate out sort of my political views from some of my expectations. >> reporter: after stepping down, wheeler made another post to facebook, this one an apology. in his words for helping create the situation, continuing to fight the situation might make me feel better, but will not help our community. the new major says his city needs to move on from this. >> my females went more than 100-1 that was the wrong thing said and didn't represent the city of piedmont. >> reporter: the new mayor is up for re-election next year. reporting live in piedmont, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> cheryl, thank you. tomorrow, a critical hearing in the kate steinle murder trial. the federal agent whose stolen gun was used in the shooting
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will testify in a pretrial hearing. today, the judge presiding over the case made several important rulings. among them, the judge decided what questions lawyerks and cannot ask that agent. steinle was shot on pier 14 two years ago. jose garcia is accused of killing steinle with that agent's gun. an update tonight on these four sheriff's deputies accused of abusing inmates at the jail in dublin. the district attorney filed charges against these generalties today. the d.a. says they mistreated at least eight inmates in 2016, choking one and allowing feces to be thrown on others. one of the deputies has resigned, while the other three have been placed on administrative leave. tonight, the search is on for the men in that surveillance video. you can see them pouring into the target store in emeryville, guns aimed at employees, ordering everyone to get on the ground. it happened just after midnight
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on saturday when the store was closing. cash was being collected from the registers at that point. the masked men jumped into a silver colored car waiting outside and took off. nasa is turning its attention from space to the bay area housing crisis. this is video from moffitt field where nasa plans to enter into a long-term lease to build and operate at least 1900 housing units. nasa is now looking for a private developer to partner in with that project. let's bring back jeff ranieri. i know for both of you, with family in south florida, that you're take thing very personal with all the preparations for your family members. >> we know how serious it is. i talked to my parents today. they wan they waited in line for three fours hor gfor gas. >> my mom's storm shutters are going up tomorrow. >> with the storm on the way,
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that's the best bet there for a lot of folks in florida. we know a lot of view, we heard from you on facebook live tonight. you have family or friends in florida. don't worry if you missed the storm track. back to our weather, it has been a little humid the past two days. many people asking why, and it's all due to remnant moisture from what was tropical storm lidia. the remnant moisture is still out here, counterclockwise flow will bring up a touch of humidity for tomorrow. we're keeping a slight chance in the extended for possibly a few showers. in terms of right now, you have the fog at the coastline. that's the most immediate thing at this hour, impacting the morning commute. a lot more in the way of cloud cover at the coastline. 65 to start here for the tri valley. partly cloudy and 66. as we get you over to san francisco, a mix of fog and also
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drizzle. can't see much right now in our camera. it currently is fogged in right up across san bruno mountain. in terms of the day tomorrow, i do think we'll have a lot of sunshine here away from the coastline, and it's going to be a really nice afternoon. san jose, 85 degrees. cupertino 83. notice the wind out of the west at 11 miles per hour. that will be a cooler wind for us. primarily why we don't have 90's in the south bay. up to 89 in concord. 77 in oakland. also 81 in hayward. for the peninsula, 80 in redwood city. daily city, 70 degrees. san francisco, 69 along the embarcadero. the north bay, 76 for mill valley and 84 in napa. so decides the morning fog, i don't think there's going to be any problems for the forecast. hurricane irma, in case you missed it, it stretches over 400 miles wide. it's currently making landfall over barbuda. winds of 185 miles per hour.
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central pressure extremely low, 914 millibars. this storm is strengthening at this very moment, even though it's making landfall. it's off towards st. bart's next. the path of this in terms of the united states, it has it getting close here to south florida by saturday at 8:00 p.m. eventually over key west as a category 4 storm at 8:00 p.m. on sunday. we'll have updates at seven-day forecast. thursday, a slight chance of a spotty shower. we're down to 69 in san francisco. warmer mid 70s sunday and monday. for inland valleys, we'll see temperatures dip down to 82 on thursday, with mainly cloud cover on the increase. back up to a much warmer 95 on sunday's forecast. >> 95 is nothing after what we saw this week. >> you got that right. i'll take that any day. up next, a major decision about the raiders' new las vegas stadium. it's all about airplanes. >> and we have jimmy.
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>> hey, guys, we're back with all new shows. tonight, we have sarah paulson, mus, a special gospel performance for houston. do not change the channel. a deadly crash on 101 has forced the closure of the off ramp. that off ramp expected to reopen early tomorrow morning. you can find that information on our home page. back with more in a moment.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing
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these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california. escape. this is a texas woman, arrested for shoplifting. she was handcuffed and put in thba okay. check out this video of a daring escape. that is a woman arrested for shoplifting. she's from texas, handcuffed,
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put in the back of the cop car. but watch. she doesn't stay long. this is dash cam video that shows her just slipping out of the handcuffs, out of the driver's seat. she then drove on the wrong side of the road up to 100 miles per hour. eventually police put her back in the handcuffs. the faa says the raider's new stadium in las vegas won't be a hazard to aircraft. it paves the way for officials to start approving construction permits. the faa was originally concerned with the proposed 225 foot height. that might cause problems for planes going into the strip. the move also allows the $2 billion project to stay on schedule. they could start construction by december. the expected xheegs da eed comp 2020. buster posey got injured tonight. we'll have the latest from what the giants are thinking. stay with us.
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with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. with a hand injury. ==raj/2shot== can we just end this season. now? when it rains, it pours. buster posey left tonight with a ham injured. he injured his right finger. this is after the thumb. >> we just want to end this
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season. the giants in denver, here it is. bottom of the eighth inning, buster takes a foul ball off of his bare right hand. you can see the replays here. >> it hurts. >> you can see his reaction. it does hurt. he goes right to the clubhouse. here's the good news. postgame x-rays were negative. so it's just a lot of swelling. bad news, though, giants lose 9-6. they're 0-9 at coors field in colorado this season. at the coliseum this evening. the a's and angels. the rbi single tying the game at 6-6. so things are looking good. but this game goes into extra innings and for the second straight night, the angels win this game 8-7 in the 10th. ten years ago, the stanford football team shocked the sports world by beating mighty usc. as they plan to play this weekend -- >> this team could learn how to
11:30 pm
win. this team can compete and then finish. so for me, that was beginning of the idea of people saying maybe this can happen at stanford. >> stanford is used to beating usc now. the cardinal has beaten sc seven times since then. usc is ranked fourth in the country by the way. stanford is at 14. >> yeah, both looking good so far this college football season. back in a moment with some special visitors in the bay. we'll show you.
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chase. maybe the scenery. humpback whales in the san francisco okay. they're back. humpback whales in san francisco bay. scientists say lots of factors, including an international whaling ban have the population booming. and then, of course, there's lots of food for them. >> all the tourists that come into town say wow, does this happen all the time here in san francisco? we love the whales hanging out here. jeff ranieri, you have the final word here. a short week for a lot of us and we're enjoying it already. >> check it out, we have 89 for the average inland tomorrow. we're going see a slight chance of a shower on thursday, mainly
11:34 pm
just clouds increasing, down to 82. we'll keep up that good friend on friday with 83. back up to a warmer 95 by sunday. 94 monday. then we drop down to 89 on tuesday. if you missed the irma track, here you can see by sunday looking at winds of 140 miles per hour. by the evening, it's potentially a key west landfall as a category 4 storm. we're still five days out, but that's the best we know of the track right now. >> it's coming fast. thank you, jeff. thanks for joining us here. have a great day tomorrow. >> we'll see you. bye-bye. >> jimmy: last week we saw the devastating effects of hurricane harvey on the state of texas. but in the face of this tragedy, we saw good. we saw communities banding together, neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers. so many heroes, pe


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